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🔥 Day 7 – Last Day of fast #Completion 🔥

🙏 Prayer Point: Spiritual Growth Operations of the Gifts – II Corinthians 9:10, Ephesians 4:15, Colossians 1: 10, I Corinthian 12-14 🙏


REVELATION FROM OUR VERY OWN, Andrea Farquharson-Williams:

“It’s been a blessing what God has done, is doing and will continue to do within this fast and for this ministry, Communion House, Altitude, and House to House.

We started the corporate fast with the Anointed Power and Presence of God’s glory…where better to start than the Day of Pentecost in Acts 1 & 2.
Pentecost is one of the three major Jewish festivals. During the Passover the Jewish people brought the first fruit of the harvest to God, expecting God to bless the rest.

On the Day of Pentecost, the first fruit of God’s harvest, which is the birth of the church, signifies the beginning of the harvesting of souls —many were filled with the Holy Spirit on that day. After this event, they spoke boldly about Christ, His resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit being a promise to all.

The Holy Spirit put us in communion with The Father and The Son and that gives us a boldness to pray for the Vision of the ministry, knowing that God’s appointed time is at hand. While we wait for complete revelation and its fulfillment, we continue to study and pray with an assurance in Him knowing that it will not take longer than God planned because He’s an on-time God.

Where there is no vision the people perish.

Without God’s revelation, we as a people will perish. When we work with one vision we will be unified in the spirit and with one another. We will have one mind, worship in unison and be bold in the spirit. With this boldness, we will approach the throne of grace boldly seeking God. We seek God through His word, so we can grow in wisdom and in knowledge understanding His ways, heart, and love for us.

As the 4.4 earthquake shook, let us reflect on the day Christ was crucified, it was the last thing that happened before He gave up the ghost and gave His life for us. Reflect on the earthquake and how the stone was rolled away from the grave, not to let Christ out but to let them in as a witness of an empty grave. Reflect on the Day of Pentecost with the earthquake and rumbling. We will now reflect on the revelation given to Vy, of the 4.4 earthquake of Day 4 of the fast and how she broke it down to us in prayer time. God let us know that He sanctified the fast and our obedience, yet, we must watch as well as continuing to pray, not forgetting the end draweth nigh.

He told us to write the vision – make it plain. God reveals to us the vision when we seek Him. When Our God speaks, we take that vision as messengers and proclaim that divine oracle. This vision is yet for an appointed time, a time determined in God’s eyes, He knows when we need it, be ready and prepared to handle and carry out the vision.

We should study, pray boldly while waiting and proclaim the revelation of God. It will surely come, that assurance of fulfilling the promise lies in God himself, God is not one to lie or slack on His promise, God is an on-time God. The fulfillment of the vision will not take any time longer than God had originally planned.

Upon studying the word of God and knowing His ways, we will bring all the tithes in the house of God in obedience to his word.

That same obedience will let us follow the command of the great commission to go and make disciples of all the nations as Christ promised to be with us to the end. Taking the message out of the four walls will bring growth to the church. As we grow, we follow God’s word to speak the truth in love as we see Our Pastor Moses do on a daily basis. We should follow him as he follows Christ ways and laws.

As we, the body of Christ, close out our 1st corporate fast let us remember there is nothing that fasting does that Jesus hasn’t done. We are not fasting to create a blessing we are fasting to create capacity. We are fasting to receive what Jesus did for us through grace.

Everything we pray and ask Jesus to do during our fast he’s already done. Therefore, we fast to receive the kingdom, we fast to make our mind clear and to get ourselves prepared to create CAPACITY for the things He has for us.

Hallelujah thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus, for Your revelation, for Tonia’s obedience to Your spirit and Pastor Moses’s insight, revelation and the spirit of teaching, and our obedience to follow through.

Jesus as we clear out our 2018 baggage we create CAPACITY for the 2019 blessing You have stored up for Communion House individually and collectively.”

In the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

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